Hello there!

Welcome to The Macaron Legacy.

You may be slightly confused. Allow me to explain. You accidently clicked a link or saw some strange looking post on some type of forum that led you to here, and now you’re wondering what you’re doing reading this. Well, its a sign you were meant to read this ^-^

To start your magical journey through this story, here you will find the chapters to do just that:


I must note, if you want to have a taste of the content, you’re better off having a quick look at the latest chapter before starting from the beginning.
(heh) (taste) (see what i did there) (berry sweet jokes yea)

So enjoy!
Unless you’re waiting for a new chapter. In that case, like, follow and comment! It lets me know you guys want more chapters. In fact, especially comment. Always remember to comment, yah?

baii ~


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